Written in Skin Loren Fetterman and Stefanie Elrick (8)

In May 2013 I collaborated with Loren Fetterman on a project called Written in Skin which merged tattooing, body art, poetry, calligraphy and photography in one live 6hr performance. In it the stories of an international group of strangers were ‘blood-lined’ across my body.



The event was held at Cornerhouse, Manchester and was picked up by the alternative press including Bizarre Magazine. You can watch the full time lapse footage of the event here.

Stefanie Elrick Loren Fetterman KAIROS performance art (16)

In Jan 2015 Loren I continued collaborating and created a piece of performance art called KAIROS. Kairos presented a mechanical model, an alternate conception of time based on a systematic study of the cycles and synchronicities we experience in our everyday lives, translated into a piece of living art. You can watch a KAIROS timelapse and the KAIROS teaser trailer on youtube. Manchester Evening News also gave the project a double page spread.



ReInstate :: A Mirror Ritual


In 2016 I created a solo performance piece, ReInstate :: A Mirror Ritual for the Trans-States : The Art of Crossing Over conference. It was the beginning of a long personal exploration that also spawned my short story PRISM.