Having been kicked out of ballet school at the age of 6 because I had “too much energy and danced like a baby elephant” I taught myself to dance and have been performing on stages across the world ever since. I think I am living proof that unfortunately many ‘teachers’ haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about. 

For almost 9yrs of my life I toured with the space rock legends Hawkwind and met my best friend and performance partner Laura McGee. Hawkwind have always been famous for their elaborate stage shows full of warriors, Goddesses and wizards and psychedelic warlords. It was a privilege to be part of the family and add to their legacy, I danced all over the world with them, immersing myself in a crazy fantasy world on a regular basis. Just like any family ours was hilariously dysfunctional and life on the road was as colourful as it was turbulent.



Hokum Pokum with Peaches Christ and Jinx Monsoon Contact Theatre Manchester – Halloween October 2017

Making the Strange Familiar (Part of Wonder Women Festival) @ Manchester Art Gallery -Thurs 2nd March 2016

Dolly Mixtures (Part of Wonder Women Festival) @ The Royal Exchange Theatre – Fri 3rd March 2016

Return to Grey Gardens with Peaches Christ and Jinx MonsoonContact Theatre Manchester – Friday 14th – Saturday 15th October 2016

Return to Grey Gardens with Peaches Christ and Jinx Monsoon @ And What? Queer Festival London – 20th – 21st October 2016

A Measure of Hope – Instigate Arts Pop-Up Exhibition @ HOMEMcr – 9th July (6pm -9pm) 2016

AUTOPSY – Magpie Man Theatre @ Salford Arts Centre – 12th July – 15th July 2016

compenSATE – Instigate Arts Pop-Up Exhibition @ HOMEMcr – 9th July (6pm -9pm) 2016

reinState #1Durational PerformanceTrans-States Conference @ Northampton University – 9th Sept 2016

Moon Witch – Dance Piece – A Queer Review @ Band on the Wall, Manchester –  1st April 2016

Skriker @ Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre, 1 JULY 2015 – 1 AUGUST 2015