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**UPCOMING Poetry-Prose Sophia :: The Beginning and the End Marah : A Collaboration RELEASE DATE TBC**

**UPCOMING Poetry Leviathan Marah : A Collaboration RELEASE DATE TBC**


Essay Flesh as a Feminist Language Frontier Trans-States Anthology Edited by Cavan McLaughlin Summer 2019

Poetry-Prose Sophia :: The Beginning and the End Magickal Women Conference Programme June 2019

Short Story All That CreepethForbidden Futures Issue #4 March 2019

Short Story Death Trap(Winner of Forbidden Futures Great Weird Fiction Write Off) – Forbidden Futures Issue #3 Dec 2018

Short Story PRISM Apex Magazine (Zodiac Issue Guest Edited by Sheree Renée Thomas) August 2018

Poetry Our Lady’s Prayer Salomé Magazine Issue 1 April 2017

Short Story (Reprint) Mother’s Nature Comet Press’s The Year’s Best Hardcore Horror – June 2017

Short Story Mother’s Nature Martian Migraine Press’s Cthulhusattva: Tales of the Black Gnosis – May 2016

Poetry Mini-Book Tremors (Unstable Fables) Ultra :: Violet – Jan, 2013


Stefanie Elrick Artist Writer Fairy

“When I slept that night I wove a patchwork of dreams. My mother came to me, covered in mildew and smiling through a mouthful of foam. She’d been sharpening her fingertips with a whetstone and I marveled at her cleverness, eagerly doing the same. We sat in silence, honing our bones to pointed pins, threading our hands with muscle stripped from her thighs. Overhead the sky was dying, brown oil slicks spreading across its surface. Time to start again. She promised me that nothing ever goes to waste and we stitched oceans to oceans as the clouds dropped like bombs. Floundering monsters opened heavy lids, then clambered on the land like babies learning to walk, dragging blankets of crimson waves behind them. Every gill-less thing that ever was suffocated under that mantle and we sat patiently, watching them sink, our fingers twitching in anticipation.”

Excerpt from “Mother’s Nature First printed in Cthulhusattva : Tales of the Black Gnosis – Martian Migraine Press