Seeds sown and harvests reaped

Three years ago (to this very day) the King of my Heart and I escaped to Cae Mabon with our nearest and dearest to earn our wedding crowns and celebrate our nuptials. This year, we reap the fruits of that decision, with our firstborn kicking in my belly and only 3 weeks to go ’til our lives change forever!

2020 has been a grounding and intense time of reflection and transition: settling into our cute lil witchy cottage in Todmorden, dealing with the business I’ve spent five years building up and a whole season of wedding work disappearing, and preparing to become parents.

I almost said that it was luck that brought us here, but I have the strongest inkling it was much, much more. The people here are lovely, the views are incredible and even the floods couldn’t put us off.

These pictures, taken about 20mins from our house at a place called Staups Mill by the amazing artist and photographer Nicola Hunter, show just one of the many places seeped in atmosphere and natural beauty on our doorstep. “Walk long enough and you can’t help but stumble across a ruined mill,” a local told us only last week and it’s true: waterfalls, ancient woodlands, Ladstones and archeological sites are so common that most have stayed under the radar. It’s super inspiring and the perfect place to get lost, and find yourself. Since moving, Loren has decided to start oil painting and I’ve already written one pregnancy inspired dark folk story A Skin Full.

“We are, and have always been, in Eden” ~ is a phrase that’s been stuck in my head for some years now and begins another of my short stories Hollow is Thy Name. Turns out it was a perspective I had to open myself up to. A choice to be made. An intuition that guided us like a magnet.

Here’s to many years of putting down roots and aimless wandering in this wonderful part of the world.

Happy Mabon!

Sept 2020

Photos by :: Nicola Hunter of The Wild Love Club
Crowns by :: Jodie Cartman & Wyeth Fetterman

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